Vickie Howell – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #8

Vickie Howell is way more than just a knitter, she is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Vickie is knitwear designer, author of countless yarntastic books, host of the Craft.ish podcast, boss babe in charge of the Yarn Yay subscription box service, host of The Knit Show on You Tube and the longest running craft themed Facebook Live show Ask Me Monday.  Impressed yet?  Take a listen to Episode #8 of the Creative Queso Podcast with my guest and friend Vickie Howell.

Creative Queso guest Vickie Howell

Besides being my neighbor, friend and co-girl scout leader Vickie and I were founding members of The Austin Craft Mafia, co-hosts of a TV program for the DIY Network called Stylelicious and we even once ran a consulting firm called Craft Out Loud.

Vickie Howell, like most of us in the creative industry wears a lot of hats, or shall I say knit beanies, and she wears them well.

Here is some behind the podcast episode trivia:  What you are about to hear is take two of this interview.  Remember how I said we were friends?  Well originally the two of us drove from Austin to San Antonio to be chaperones for our kids school field trip to The Alamo.  We did not see the basement but we did record a podcast on the hour drive ride home.  The only problem is that podcast didn’t actually get recorded.

Vickie Howell and Jennifer Perkins

Any other guest and I would have been mortified having to re-tape the episode.  Luckily Vickie is not just one of my besties she is gracious, kind and always willing to share and in this case re-share her wealth of information.

I can’t wait for you to hear take two, it’s even better than take one!

Even if you have never had a pair of knitting needles in your hands you will find Vickie, her journey and her entrepreneurial skills endlessly entertaining and fascinating.

Find out more about Vickie here…

Wait want more Vickie Howell and Jennifer Perkins together forever action?  We can make that happen!

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