Excels in ideas

“I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Jen on many creative editorial assignments, and she’s been an absolute pleasure every time. Not only is she easy and professional to work with, but she excels in ideas! She’ll usually suggest something I haven’t thought of that ultimately makes the project much better.

Oozes creativity

“Jennifer oozes creativity! Her enthusiasm about crafting is contagious. She can walk into a thrift store and see gems where the rest of us just see junk. With a can of paint paint, some glitter, fake flowers, and a few gems, Jennifer will turn trash into treasure all the while entertaining and encouraging everyone around her to get crafty themselves.

True to her own style

“I’ve known Jennifer for 10+ years and have followed her crafting career through every step. I’ve seen her set trends online that appear on store shelves several years later. Through it all, she’s stayed true to her own style while facing the ever-shifting social media tides.”

A rare breed

“Jennifer Perkins is a rare breed — she ticks all the business savvy boxes. Jen can assess the holes in a business and fill them with a dozen strategies aimed towards monetization and increased visibility. Whenever I face a complicated juncture in my growing interior design business, I turn to her for best practices and results.

Total Craft Crush

“I have the honor of saying that Jennifer was an Editor for our blog a few years ago. I remember running around telling everyone at the time. Why? because I had a total craft crush on her and still do. I have never met Jennifer in person but I aspire to not only be as creative as Jennifer but to push the boundaries of Art, Craft and design like her.”