Sew Taco – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #2

What happens when a creative husband and wife power couple combine their two passions of sewing and tacos? Amazing things obviously like the Sew Taco Podcast. Listen in to this episode of the Creative Queso Podcast where I chat with my new friends Eleana and Gerald Flores.
Sew Taco on the Creative Queso Podcast
These guys are not only incredibly savvy creative business owners they are generally nice people full of great business advice that they share regularly on their joint podcast Sew Taco.  
In this episode we talk about how there is enough sunshine for everyone who has a creative passion,  their love for the city they call home Corpus Christi, Texas and why they may be creative career life coaches and not even know it.  Like you will be inspired to walk barefoot over hot tacos after listening to this.

Sew Taco Podcast Episode Notes

GUESTS: Elena Flores of Sew Bonita Gerald Flores of Taco Gear
Looking for a few of the things we mentioned during this episode?  Here ya go….
The Crafty Chica Show: Fabric and Friendship a Convo with Elena Flores of Sew Bonita – Great chat between two of my favorite sparkly ladies!  Find more Crafty Chica fun over on
Gary Vaynerchuk  – Check out the post Be Misunderstood, Be Multi-Passionate, Be a DIY Dilettante – Just DO IT.  Inspired by a Gary Vee podcast episode.
The Taco Chair – Gerald’s amazing video series about tacos and the creative people that love them!
Sew Taco - Guests on the Creative Queso Podcast with Jennifer Perkins

I’d love to hear what you thought about the episode!  Gleam any great tips or inspiring thoughts?  It’s hard not to with these guys!

Oh and guess what?  To celebrate the episode I’ve got a Yummy DIY Taco Craft Roundup to share, because ya know tacos!  These guys are the taco to my queso and I can’t wait to chat with them again soon!

Oh and did you catch the part where we were talking about Kathy Cano-Murillo from The Crafty Chica?  There is a Creative Queso episode with her too!

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