Nicole Stevenson of Dear Handmade Life and Craftcation – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #12

Nicole Stevenson makes my new favorite crafty business retreat possible.  Not just Craftcation Nicole also produces a vendor based event called The Patchwork Show, has her own podcast Dear Handmade Life, dabbles in illustration, designs and sell T-shirts made for ADD crafters like me that say “make all the things” and honestly Nicole is just one of those people constantly spreading inspiration and valuable information with everything she does.
I’ve known Nicole virtually for years but within minutes of meeting her in person I knew that she was just as awesome in person.  Check out this episode of the Creative Queso Podcast and you will know exactly what I mean.
Dear Handmade Life on the Creative Queso Podcast

More than just cute and crafty Nicole has run her own large company complete with reps and show rooms.  As mentioned she runs my favorite creative retreat full of craft and small business classes called Craftcation.  Nicole is also the host of her own podcast where she has chatted with DIY rockstars like Jenny Hart, Amy Tangerine, Lisa Congdon.  I was thrilled to be a guest on her Dear Handmade Life Podcast on the episode titled Pivoting to Create a Thriving Business.

Listen in to our conversation on the Creative Queso Podcast right here…



Dig deep into the archives of Dear Handmade Life for TONS of great information for crafty business owners.  Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned pro there is something you will want to read, watch or listen to.

Iron Craft Contest Craftcation 2018

A few of my crafty friends hanging out at Craftcaton 2018 – Mark Montanto, Creative Queso Podcast Episode #8 guest Vickie Howell, Robert Mahar and Nicole Stevenson.

Nicole is all about community and everything she does shows that.  I leave Craftcation every year feeling refreshed, connected and inspired plus with a TON of new friends.

Nicole Stevenson of Craftcation on Creative Queso

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