Libby Johnston from LuxCups Creatives – Taco About It Tuesday

As the LuxCups Creative slogan goes – so cute it hurts.  Pins, patches, luggage tags and more – this Austin based husband and wife team are killing it with their quirky accessories.  Enamel pins are having a moment so I am super excited that Libby Johnston is here to Taco About it Tuesday.

Libby Johnston of Austin based enamel pin company LuxCups Creative

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1) What is the best advice you could give someone about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running business?

Just keep creating! Everyone has periods of doubt and uncertainty. Surround yourself with other creative humans and remember that even Mr. Rogers had imposter syndrome.

2) Do you have a favorite place to go for business advice? Mentor group, book, website?

Since we create a lot of pins, I tend to ask for advice and help from fellow pin makers as well as a Facebook group called ‘The Pin Makers Super Group’. It’s been so helpful to ask for help or opinions on business situations that we might not have experienced yet.

Luxcup Creative earrings that look like tacos

3) Besides Creative Queso what are your favorite podcasts?

  • That’s Weird: A cryptozoologist and a conspiracy theorist with potty mouths hangout each week and talk about all things weird
  • The Mortified Podcast: Think adults reading their love letters and diaries from childhood in front of an audience
  • Hello From The Magic Tavern: An improv comedy podcast with wizards, a shapeshifting badger and one human.

4) How do you prevent creative burn out?

That’s a tough one. I’m not quite sure how to avoid it. But I do know that when I’m feeling overwhelmed or uninspired, it’s just temporary phase. I find a nap, talking to other creatives and a solo trip to Target help mend my mind.

5) What is something your business could not live without?

My husband. He’s the glue / backbone / rock / [insert other totally useful item] in this equation. His structure and attention to detail help me from just spinning my wheels on just ‘fun stuff’. He answers most wholesale inquiries, maintains shop relationships and even does the book keeping. Yeah… I know I’m lucky.

6) What are some of your favorite Instagram feeds?

  • @norbertthedog : A tiny white puff whose tongue hangs out. Results in smiles.
  • @melissisms : Graphic delights for your eyeballs. I hope you like color.
  • @nocik : Mind blowing felted faux taxidermy of dinosaurs and magical creatures.
  • @pipnpop : Mounds of pastel colored sugar. Some have googly eyes.

7) Tell us a piece of surprising trivia about yourself or your business.

I used to bake up a storm! In fact that’s where the name ‘LuxCups’ came from. I started out making a little extra money on the side by making cupcakes for friends and family. It slowly morphed into the pin and accessory business we have today. Sometimes you just have to try out lots of different businesses before you find the one that actually sticks.

8) Do you use a paper planner full of stickers and washi tape or are you a Google calendar kinda guy or gal?

Paper all the way. I have a full calendar on my wall to record and plan events, releases & planned sales. My partner is all about the Google calendar so I usually end up putting most of it in there too. I just find it satisfying to cross things off my lists and turn the page in my notebook when brainstorming a new project. Plus colored pens are just too fun!

Quote from Libby Johnston of LuxCups Creative

9) When you are working do you listen/watch podcasts, music, audio books, Netflix or do you like dead silence like a total weirdo?

When I work, I have two modes.

Mode 1: If I’m working casually or on something tedious I tend to watch Netflix or YouTube. Usually something like people playing claw games at arcades or making soap.

Mode 2: When I’ve really got to buckle down, it’s music without lyrics or in another language. That’s tends to be some 80’s Japanese Pop or Bossa Nova.

10) If I came to see you where would we go for queso?

CHUYS! But only during the week between the hours of 4 & 7pm. That way we get it for free from the NACHO CAR!! You can thank me later for the hot tip.

John and Lbby of LuxCups Creative

Who wants to meet us at that nacho car to taco about business?  Thanks so much Libby for stopping by!

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