Kid Made Modern – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #3

There is a lot that goes in to running a creative business no matter how big or small.  Some episodes I chat with Etsy store owners other days I get to talk with people who have important sounding titles like Director of Marketing and Creative at Kid Made Modern. My guest Danielle Kurtz is passionate about keeping kids crafty and allowing them to express themselves through their wardrobe, room decor and of course DIY endeavors.

Check out my chat with Danielle Kurtz on Episode #3 of the Creative Queso Podcast.

Creative Queso Podcast Guest Danielle Kurtz of Kid Made Modern


If you are a parent, crafter or frequent Target shopper you are familiar with the amazing Kid Made Modern line.  In this episode of the Creative Queso podcast Danielle and I talk about brand collaborations with Target and JCrew – their founder Todd Oldham and how sometimes the craft supplies in the Kid Made Modern line are so cute parents want to keep them for themselves.

Crazy crayon from Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern – Kids Craft Products That Adults Want to Keep For Themselves

True story: I often do buy them for myself.  One of the topics Danielle and I discuss is how the craft supplies in the Kid Made Modern line are artists quality products.  No paint brushes that shed or thin paint that takes 12 layers to become opaque.  These are products as a creative content designer I buy for my children and for myself.

One of my favorite parts of this episode is learning the behind the scenes shenanigans that inspired fun Kid Made Modern goodies like their clothing line that looks like pieces of candy!

This episode is full of great information like insight into how Todd Oldham came up with the idea of the infamous Kid Made Modern Smush Crayons (check out my DIY melted crayon Halloween bones too).  Hear Danielle talk about Vincent Van Gogh and Monet inspired smush crayons designed for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  So much fun trivia and insight into everyone’s favorite kid craft brand.

Plus Danielle gets personal about her own creative life with adventures in weaving and caftans!

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