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Author Kelly Smith Trimble has a gorgeous new book out called Vegetable Gardening Wisdom.  Her passion about the environment led her down the path of edible gardening.  Kelly is not a full time author she is a certified master gardener with a full time job as an editorial director.  In my opinion this makes her an expert on creating a work life balance.  I am so excited that Kelly is here to Taco About it Tuesday.

Kelly Smith Trimble author of Gardening Wisdom

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1) What is the best advice you could give someone about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running business?

I don’t feel super qualified to give advice on this topic because my creative business isn’t primary — I’m not trying to make a living from it. I work full-time as an editorial director for a major media company, and my gardening and writing business is more about personal fulfillment at this time. However, what I’d offer to people like me is:

No job can totally fulfill your needs. If your job gives you part of what you need, but leaves some things on the table, use your personal time to pursue what’s missing. If you develop a business, great. If not, you’re still doing something valuable for yourself.

2) Do you have a favorite place to go for business advice? Mentor group, book, website?

Right now, the only place I’m actively seeking business advice or mentorship is through the How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz through NPR. It’s a great way to get some inspiration from people who’ve built successful businesses of all kinds. It’s nice realizing that some businesses develop out of really solid plans and goals while others just grow out of passion and good timing.

Vegetable Gardening Wisdom by Kelly Smith Trimble

3) Besides Creative Queso what are your favorite podcasts?

I love Encyclopedia Botanica, a podcast put out by Seattle Urban Farm Co., and I felt really fortunate to be interviewed by Hilary (the podcast founder) for episode 106 earlier this year. I can listen to this podcast passively in the car and absorb great gardening tips I’ll follow up on later.

4) How do you prevent creative burn out?

The fact that my personal business isn’t primary helps prevent creative burnout. My primary job is technically in a creative industry, but most of the work I do now is managerial and operational, so I’m craving creative work in my personal time and am fortunate to have the free time to explore it. If I do get burned out, it’s because I’m a serial over-committer, and I think that’s exacerbated by my desire to do more creative work in my personal time. But the reality is that I have a job that pays me a salary and benefits, so I can’t say “yes” to every single non-paying or low-paying side opportunity that comes along, no matter how much I want to do it.

5) What is something your business could not live without?

My husband, Derek. He’s also a creative — a photographer, graphic designer, and studio manager — building his own business. It’s crucial, no matter what your personal goals, to pick the right partner in life and constantly communicate about your evolving goals for your personal and professional lives.

Kelly Smith Trimble with carrots in her garden.

6) What are some of your favorite Instagram feeds?

I get a lot of inspiration from female farmers and gardeners. Some of my favorites are

7) Tell us a piece of surprising trivia about yourself or your business.

My book Vegetable Gardening Wisdom was the first book idea I’d ever pitched and the publisher, Storey, is the only publisher I pitched. It happened on the first try.

8) Do you use a paper planner full of stickers and washi tape or are you a Google calendar kinda guy or gal?

I switched to Google a few years ago. While I hated giving up my paper calendar, it made it much easier to manage office work, personal work, and personal life all in one place.

Quote about work life balance from author Kelly Smith Trimble

9) When you are working do you listen/watch podcasts, music, audio books, Netflix or do you like dead silence like a total weirdo?

I am mostly the dead silence weirdo while working, particularly if I’m writing. It’s hard for me to think words and hear other words at the same time. When I do listen to music while writing, it’s usually something instrumental, like Edgar Meyer or a random Spotify channel. I am hoping to spend more time this winter getting back into printmaking and other visual art, and I’ll likely listen to some of my current favorite Americana and folk faves, like Brandi Carlile and I’m With Her.

10) If I came to see you where would we go for queso?

I would make you queso at home with fresh roasted peppers from the garden, of course!

Rufus the dog with his owner gardener and author Kelly Smith Trimble

Who wants to run out and plant their own vegetable garden or spend their time after work a bit more wisely?  Thank you so much Kelly for hanging out today.

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