Katie Kortman The Magic That Happens From Being Yourself – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #29

When Katie Kortman made a commitment to start sewing her own clothes, she decided to put her art degree to good use and go ahead and make her own fabric as well. Fast forward to Katie having a successful Spoonflower store after wining an online sewing contest and teaching herself how to create a repeat pattern. When Katie is not sewing she is creating a bit of a dance movement for the seamsters of Instagram with #thehandmadehustle and graciously chatting with podcasters like me.

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Spoonflower designer Katie Kortman on the Creative Queso Podcast

The Magic That Happens From Being Yourself

In this episode Katie and I chat about the magic that happens from being yourself and doing what comes naturally and makes you happy.  For Katie that was combining her background in her art with a passion for sewing she discovered later in life.  Listen in as we talk repeat patterns, how to make your Spoonflower shop stand out and how her use of hashtags on Instagram has started something unique in the sewing community.

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Fabric designer Katie Kortman

The Handmade Hustle

Instagram and Spoonflower are both busy places.  It can be hard to get people to your store or to your feed in order to then get people to your store.  In the episode Katie and I talk about how she tackles this issues in part with inventing her own clever hashtags.

We also talk about creating collections of fabric designs and how Gretchen Rubin and an online sewing contest called Sew Frosting kickstarted the whole thing!

Thoughts on Creative Vision by Katie Kortman

Finding Your Inner Fire

As Katie says: “When figuring out your creative vision, don’t just copy someone else, it won’t be genuine and will likely not be as fulfilling.  When you present something to the world that you are passionate about, using your own ideas.  People will be more drawn to it because it will have your inner fire behind it.”

Spoonflower fabric designer and Instagram dancing sensation Katie Kortman

Katie is such a delight to talk to and listen to as well.  I can’t wait for you guys to hear this chat!

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