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How amazing would it be to blend and study complex scents?  San Francisco based perfumer Jessica Hannah creates small batches of unique hand bottled fragrances day in and day out.  She also teaches workshops guiding students through a hands on experience using only the finest natural ingredients.  Jessica is such an interesting, articulate and well versed person in the world of sensory arts.  I am so excited that she is here to Taco About it Tuesday.

Perfumer Jessica Hannah

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1) What is the best advice you could give someone about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running business?

Get past being perfect and simply do your work. Put something out there, even if it’s not your crowning achievement, at least it is a starting point.

2) Do you have a favorite place to go for business advice? Mentor group, book, website?

For business advice I often find my fellow small business owners to be a wealth of knowledge and daily support. I adore my little community of makers and teachers, many of whom are working in handcraft fields like ceramics, fiber and paper arts, leatherwork, jewelry design, and fine art painting. They see problems and solutions from different perspectives and it rocks.

Also, I recommend looking into the experts in your field. While earning my graduate degree I took classes taught by theater artist Jenny Magnus and writer Sherry Antonini. My teaching style and methods were forever changed by their mentorship and I often think of them and their advice within my teaching practice. For my perfume education I was fortunate to study with the renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel who is a prolific author, teacher, and museum owner. I am grateful to use her methodology when I teach.

Finally, a big shout out to Girlboss! This website has a plethora of resources on career, money, and wellness. My inbox is always happy to see the newsletter! Sign-up. Seriously.

Handmade perfume from Jessica Hannah

3) Besides Creative Queso what are your favorite podcasts?

Happier in Hollywood hosted by two Hollywood screen writers, Liz Craft and Sarah Fain. They talk about actionable ideas for happier and healthier and more productive lives.

A Coffee with Makers hosted by Kimberly Payne. I really enjoy hearing her interviews and I’m even interviewed on episode 21!

I’m fascinated with true crime so My Favorite Murder hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and Criminal hosted by Phoebe Judge.

You Must Remember This is magical, exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century hosted by Karina Longworth.

And finally storytelling podcasts are the best, so The Moth is tops on my list!

4) How do you prevent creative burn out?

I find space to step back. Lately, I attend this really intense therapeutic yoga class and revel in that hour away. Another way that I combat burnout is to create something in another medium and recently I signed up for a painted collage class with Erin Wheeler. It was the perfect no-stress, creative space that gave me the freedom to create without judgement. More of this please.

5) What is something your business could not live without?

Coffee. To-Do Lists. Dog walking breaks. Quality materials. Amazing students.

Strips of perfume scent strips

6) What are some of your favorite Instagram feeds?

@handcraftstudioschool a studio dedicated to preserving handcrafts while supporting local artists.

@artandolfaction Experimentation, community and education around scent.

@mirandajuly Writer, filmmaker and artist.

@cocoonery an illustrated life.

@Shaunking  journalism and activism.

7) Tell us a piece of surprising trivia about yourself or your business.

I used to create these beautiful performance art pieces informed by the post WWII housing boom, 1960’s Sci-Fi, and The Stepford Wives. I certainly miss this work!

8) Do you use a paper planner full of stickers and washi tape or are you a Google calendar kinda guy or gal?

I’m digital, but my lists are ALWAYS on paper. I love the pen to paper experience and crossing off all the things is glorious.

Jessica Hannah of J. Hannah Co. on getting started in business.

9) When you are working do you listen/watch podcasts, music, audio books, Netflix or do you like dead silence like a total weirdo?

I really enjoy listening to a podcast or music when I am working, but it can’t be anything that needs too much of my attention or else I’m sucked in and my productivity is shot.

10) If I came to see you where would we go for queso?

Can I just come see you in Austin and hit El Caribe or Taco Deli??? These are the things I dream about…

Perfume by J. Hannah Co.

I met Jessica Hannah when we both sat on a panel about creativity at Craftcation.  Check out the links below for interviews with the rest of the ladies involved in the discussion.  Thank you Jessica for stopping by Creative Queso and chatting!

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