These are all of your interviews.

Ellie Lum of Klum House – Taco About It Tuesday

Ellie Lum of Portland based Klum House has gone from bike messenger, to bag maker to Bluprint host.  One of the tag lines on her website is; “Not many stitchers carry a hammer in their sewing kit, but we’re changing that”.  

Ariel Garneau of PMQ For Two – Taco About It Tuesday

Ariel Taco creative queso Ariel Garneau is the head lady boss behind the amazing design blog PMQ for Two.  She’s crafty, a savvy business woman and curates color like nobody’s business.  In my book this makes her a triple threat (she also decorates a mean Christmas tree and has some delicious looking cocktail recipes on  her site).  

Ed Roth of Stencil1 – Creative Queso Episode #13

Season 2 of the Creative Queso Podcast is here and I am excited that my friend Ed Roth from Stencil1 is kicking things off.  Ed has single handedly made stencils cool again and crafters are company are taking notice.  He has worked with companies like Levi’s and had seen his stencils on the shelves of Michaels.  

Nicole Stevenson of Dear Handmade Life and Craftcation – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #12

Nicole Stevenson makes my new favorite crafty business retreat possible.  Not just Craftcation Nicole also produces a vendor based event called The Patchwork Show, has her own podcast Dear Handmade Life, dabbles in illustration, designs and sell T-shirts made for ADD crafters like me that say “make all the things” and honestly Nicole is just one of those people constantly spreading inspiration and valuable information with everything she does.

Cassie Stephens – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #11

Cassie Stephens is the art teacher you always wished you had.  The modern day Mary Poppins of art education pulling all kinds of clever and creative tricks from her bag.  Those grade schoolers are darn lucky to have her and I am darn lucky to have her as a guest on the Creative Queso Podcast.

Alexa Westerfield – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #10

Alexa Westerfield from Swell Creative Media Alexa Westerfield sure is a swell gal.  Like you might know her better as the one woman dancing machine in a unicorn mask known as the Swell Designer and the boss lady at Swell Creative Media.  Alexa is an expert at content creation and knows that the never ending treadmill of creating content is a hard to wheel to get off of.  

Ana Victoria Calderón – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #9

Ana Victoria Calderon on the Creative Queso Podcast More than just an amazing watercolor artist Ana Victoria Calderón is a hustler with a capital H.   She has a new book Creative Watercolor, hosts The Magic Jungle Retreat in Tulum, is a top teacher for Skillshare and don’t forget all the places that license her art.

Vickie Howell – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #8

Creative Queso guest Vickie Howell Vickie Howell is way more than just a knitter, she is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Vickie is knitwear designer, author of countless yarntastic books, host of the Craft.ish podcast, boss babe in charge of the Yarn Yay subscription box service, host of The Knit Show on You Tube and the longest running craft themed Facebook Live show Ask Me Monday.