Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom and Alt Summit – Creative Queso Episode #14

Gabriel Blair of Design Mom is my new parenting idol. She founded Alt Summit, wrote a New York Times best selling book, had the time to be a guest on the Creative Queso podcast and is the mother of 6 children.  Puts my complaining about there not being enough hours in the day with 2 kids into perspective.  I was thrilled to talk with Gabby for the podcast about “mommy bloggers”, raising kids with an entrepreneurial spirit and the growth of Alt.  There is so much great stuff in this episode.

Listen to my entire chat with Gabrielle Blair here.


Gabby Blair of Design Mom on Creative Queso

Has attending the Altitude Summit been on your bucket list forever?  In this episode Gabby and I talk about what is going on behind the scenes.   Learn why Palm Springs might be the conferences forever home and how this year the event expanded to several hotels instead of one.  Also, what kinds of things you can expect when you attend Alt.  Let’s just say after our chat 2020 here I come.

A few places to find Gabrielle Blair

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Gabby and I spoke while she was in my home town of Austin, TX for the Mom2.0 summit.  Up until this interview I had no idea that Gabby was also a co-founder of Kirtsy along with Mom2.0 head honcho Laura Mayes.  Sometimes the bits of trivia you take aways from these podcasts are the best.  Another fun fact is Gabby comes from a large family of creative entrepreneurs including Jordon Ferney of Oh Happy Day.  Plus who knew Design Mom is credited with discovering Joanna Gaines long before Fixer Upper was a household word.

Design Mom book by Gabby Blair

Gabrielle started as an art director trying to reconcile a stylish life that included kids and Design Mom was born.  Named one of Time Magazine’s websites of the year you can find parenting advice, gorgeous home tours, tips for travel and more.

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Gabriel Blair Founder of Alt Summit on Creative Queso

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