10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Live Video – What to Do After You Go Live

Thanks for coming back for the second part in the Creative Queso series 10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Live Video.  This series emphasizes the ways to promote your live videos on the Facebook platform.  There is are TONS of ways to spread the gospel outside of FB, but we are sticking to ideas for the platform.  Last time we talked about things to do BEFORE you go live on Facebook.  Today we are covering what to do on FB after your broadcast ends.
10 Things to do after you go live on FB.
After you finish your Facebook Live video the easy part is over right?  Yup, the easy part.  Broadcasting your video is only the tip of the promotional iceberg if you want your video to be successful.  A band can’t record an album, put it out and then go take a nap and assume that the world will magically make them headline Coachella.  Nope, the performance is only a small part of the package.  I’m not saying your on point content is not the cornerstone of this whole thing but getting that content in front of people is where the real work begins.
 What to do to promote your Facebook Live video after the broadcast by Jennifer Perkins
The minute I finish a Facebook Live I immediately spend at least a couple of hours promoting and tweaking the video.  I have systems in place to promote and share the broadcast several places, but again today I’m discussing just what I do via Facebook.  I have no scientific proof that these tips and tricks make a difference, but I’ve been doing live broadcasts on Facebook on and off for almost 2 years and this is what works for me.
Share your FB Live video to groups and your personal page.
I’m not saying spam the world with your video, but let’s say you went live on your business page like I do with my Jennifer Perkins account or when I’m live on the DIY Network Facebook page doing an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins I always share the video to my personal page too.  All the views and interactions count, even your Great Aunt and that guy you went to High School With.
If you belong to relevant Facebook groups – share the video there too.  Some of my favorites for interaction are Glue Gun Groupies and Junkin’ Sisters Tribe.  Don’t join a knitting group to post about soap making, make sure your posts are relevant.
Tell the company, product maker or anyone you gave a shout out to.  If I used Elmer’s Glue – I’m going to tell them in hopes that they share the video on their Facebook page for a wider viewing audience.  Just send them the video through messenger or share it to their wall.  This tactic does not always pay off, but it is worth a shot.  Read my article: 5 Tips for Getting Noticed In the Craft World for more ideas like this.
Pin your Facebook Live video to the top of your page.
Pin your most recent video to the top of your Facebook page.  This way every new person that comes to your page for the first time will see the video and hopefully watch, interact and share.  I host a weekly video so each Thursday after I go live on the DIY Network page I share the video to my page and then pin it to the top.
How to boost a Facebook Live video.
You’ve heard that with Facebook you have to pay to play?  Well guess what it is true.  With the most recent algorithm changes this seems even more the case.  FB is showing fewer and fewer things from business pages in people’s newsfeed so if you want your live video to show up and get seen you might have to put a bit of money behind it.  There is a whole science to how best promote content on FB, hint hitting the “Boost” button below the post is not it.  Do some research and learn how to create a custom audience and then try boosting some posts.  This will put your video not just in front of more eyeballs, but in front of more eyeballs who are actually interested in your content.
Choose most recent comments to see who has commented on our video.
After you go live people could be watching your videos for days, weeks and months to come.  Always interact with comments.  These conversations and interactions in the comments (as well as when you are live) are the best part of doing live videos and also probably the number one factor in getting posts seen in the newsfeed.  Answer questions that come in after you are live.  If you mentioned a past project or video while you were live post it in the comments.  Be a resource for your viewers before, during and after your broadcast.  You can always filter comments to view them as most recent to see if there is anything you missed.
How to edit the info in your Facebook Live video.
After you go live you can tweak and edit some of the info about your video.  Go in and add tags, make sure your title is in both places and if you are feeling really ambitious check over the closed captioning option.  This part is time consuming and immediately I have never done it, however studies show that most people watch FB videos without sound.  As for tags don’t go crazy, but make them relevant.  Some will auto-populate if they are frequently used but you can also add your own.
Editing your Facebook Live video via the advanced options tab.
How do you keep the party going and the views coming after you go live?  Leave me a comment or share it in the Creative Queso Facebook Group.
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