Emily Thompson Talks Being Boss – Creative Queso Episode #21

Today’s Creative Queso Podcast guest Emily Thompson has a lot of hustler stars in her chart. Most famously known as one of the hosts of the hugely successful Being Boss podcast, which now also has books, getaways and online classes to offer. As of late Emily’s passion really lies in her new company Almanac Supply Company which teaches people to connect with nature and live seasonally.

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Emily Thompson of Being Boss and Almanac Supply Company

Being Boss

The term ‘boss’ get’s thrown around a lot these days but Emily Thompson helped bring the term into your everyday vernacular.  Unless you have been living under a small business podcasting rock you have heard of today’s guest  podcast Being Boss that she runs with her business bestie Kathleen.

When Emily is not busy interviewing people like Brene Brown or Marie Forleo for her podcast she is curating unique artisanal  items for her store Almanac Supply Company.

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crystal box from Almanac Supply Company

Almanac Supply Company

Almanac Supply Company is Emily’s store in Chattanooga.  In this episode we talk about her beliefs of creating a work life flow in harmony with the seasons. She is even presenting a Ted Talk about the topic.   You can visit the store in person or online to learn more.  They even have a candle subscription.

Emily Thompson from The Almanac Supply Company

Building Something Big

As Emily says: “You cannot build something big and great if you are hiding behind all of your self-limiting beliefs”

AI can’t wait for you to hear this episode where Emily and I talk about self limiting beliefs, the difference between selling a tangible product and an experience and whether or not she is a serial entrepreneur.


Emily Thompson of The Being Boss Podcast and Almanac Supply Company

I could talk to Emily for days about all things business and crystals.  If you get a chance to attend her event find me and say hello!

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