Ed Roth of Stencil1 – Creative Queso Episode #13

Season 2 of the Creative Queso Podcast is here and I am excited that my friend Ed Roth from Stencil1 is kicking things off.  Ed has single handedly made stencils cool again and crafters are company are taking notice.  He has worked with companies like Levi’s and had seen his stencils on the shelves of Michaels.  Most recently you can cruise aisles of Target and find Stencil1 hanging with the craft supplies.  Talk about a soloprenuers dream come true!

Listen in to my entire chat with Ed Roth on Creative Queso Episode #13.

Ed Roth of Stencil1

I’ve been crafting with Stencil1 stencils for a LONG time.  With stencils so cute can you blame me?  The new line for Target includes some of my favorites – the stag and ice cream!

Check out a few of my favorite DIY Stencil1 projects over on JenniferPerkins.com



Listen in as Ed and I talk stencils, touch on art licensing and how being easy to work with can go a LONG way if you want to partner with brands.

Stencil1 stencils on shelves at Target

One of my favorite parts of the interview is when Ed and I talk about his ability to make lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with large stores and brands.  Often content creators and influencers get the one off chance to work with companies.  The key it to make the interaction more than just a single DIY date and a full blown relationship.

DIY Punch Needle Patch using a Stencil1 for Target ice cream stencil

I’ve worn Stencil1, decorated my house with it, used it to glass etch and now to celebrate the release of Ed’s new stencils at Target I’ve made a Punch Needle Ice Cream Cone Patch.  Complete with yarn from another Creative Queso guest – Kid Made Modern.

Might I suggest listening to Ed’s episode of Creative Queso WHILE you punch needle one of his ice cream cone stencils.

Creative Queso guest Ed Roth

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