Creative Career Pivots – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #1

Today I want to talk to you about pivots in you career.  Sometimes they are just for fun, sometimes they are because of life changes like pregnancy and sometimes in the life of a crafty freelancer or side hustler it is because one of your regular gigs ends and you have a lot of extra free time on your hands.
Pivoting in your creative career with Jennifer Perkins and the Creative Queso Podcast
Being a creative content designer is like any other freelance job.  Sometimes you have too much work and other times there is nuthin.  The key is being able to quickly adapt or pivot to fill your nuthin’ with sumthin’.  That is what the latest (and first) episode of the Creative Queso podcast is all about.  The fine art of the freelance pivot.
I’ve been hosting a weekly Facebook Live series for DIY Network called DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for almost two years.  Earlier this month I found out my contract was up.  Instead of pouting in my pillow I took this as a sign to get off my butt and into my dirty closet to start recording the Creative Queso podcast.

In this episode not only do I discuss my latest life change we also talk about the 5 signs it’s time you need to pivot in your career.  Whether you are illustrator, songwriter, soap maker – this episode applies to you if…
  • A career that once made you happy is now filling you with dread?
  • Is the market shifting and changing?
  • The woo woo way – charge your crystals or go to church.
  • Is there a fork in the road causing a forced pivot?
  • Are you bi-career curious?  Loving what your doing, but a side of hustle never hurt.
A pivot does not mean throwing the bathwater out with the baby.  You can baby step into changes and new adventures.  Think of the map on your phone.  Sometimes it tells you “in 3 miles turn right” other times it might instruct you to take a “slight left turn”.  A pivot in your career is more the latter.
Ready for a career change?
When faced with a pivot you may start to second guess yourself and wondering if you should just stay the course.  A few issues that might keep you from making that pivot mentioned in this episode include…
  • What does a pivot say about you and your career?
  • Will people think I’m a flakey DIY dillatante?
  • Am I even qualified?  Imposter syndrome is real ya’ll.
Don’t be scared.  Forced or not change is scary, I get it.  Been there, done that, currently doing it.  But, where would we crafters be if Martha Stewart was still a model.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about the episode.  As always please subscribe, leave a review, tell a friend.  Sharing is caring and queso is always better with a friend.
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