Cassie Stephens – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #11

Cassie Stephens is the art teacher you always wished you had.  The modern day Mary Poppins of art education pulling all kinds of clever and creative tricks from her bag.  Those grade schoolers are darn lucky to have her and I am darn lucky to have her as a guest on the Creative Queso Podcast.

No need to be an art teacher to enjoy the episode all lovers of color and creativity will appreciate this listen!  Check out Cassie Stephens – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #11.

Cassie Stephens on the Creative Queso Podcast

When Cassie is not sewing her own custom wardrobe with portraits of Any Warhol’s iconic soup to wear during pop art week at school you can watch her on You Tube, listen to her podcast or follow along on Instagram with all her art class adventures.

Cassie is an inspiration for art teachers everywhere and after a quick scroll through her site and feed you might recognize a few projects from your own kids school.



Teachers, creatives, lady bosses – if you have an Etsy store or have wondered what kind of camera equipment you need to start a You Tube channel there is something in this episode for you.    One of my favorite parts of the episode is when Cassie discusses teacher burnout.  She reached a point where she realized the countless workshops she had been attending were making her bitter not better so she started her own thing Art Scouts and did something about it.

Pencil banner by Cassie Stephens

All this and Cassie is an author two.  Cassie and I crossed paths when we were both doing work for a  paper-mache and clay company.  No surprise to me that her first book through Quarry is entitled Clay Lab for Kids.  However, if the projects are half as cute as the pencils she made I want a copy.  Her second book, Stitch and String Lab for Kids is now available for pre-order.

Cassie Stephens Art Teacher extraordinaire on the Creative Queso Podcast with Host Jennifer Perkins

Cassie is a teacher who knows how to hustle with keynote speaking engagements, Etsy stores and freelance creative content work.  Always inspiring and delightful Cassie is the art teacher I wish I had as a kid.  Heck if she lived in Austin, I’d wish she my art teacher now!

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