Branding Your Creative Business With Stickers

You guys know how much I love talking about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running a business.  One of the most important things you can do for any business is focus on your branding right from the start.  Whether you host a podcast, make soap or want to take your beekeeping hobby to the next level you need to brand your creative business.  That is why I am so excited to have StickerYou as a sponsor of the Creative Queso Podcast.  I’ve got an adorable logo, clearly it needed to be made into a sticker.

Gift bags at Caftans and Queso with stickers

Create a Great Logo For Your Brand

First of all, who doesn’t love stickers?  Big, small, branded or not – sign me up.  If people are going to cover their lap top cases, notebook covers and bumpers in stickers they might as well be doing some free advertising for your business.

The first step is coming up with a great logo worthy of a sticker.  I highly suggest working with a graphic designer like I did if this is not your forte.  (Shout out to the fabulous Jen Frost Smith for all my adorable graphics!)  You want people to want to use those stickers right?

Sticker You

Who Doesn’t Love Stickers?

StickerYou makes printing stickers oh-so easy, even for creative business owners who are not all that tech inclined.  You can pick the size, if you want stickers die cut or on a roll, the color of vinyl and more.


Let’s say you are not so sure stickers are the right thing for your company?  StickerYou also makes patches, magnets,  iron ons and labels.

Jennifer Perkins MC for Austin's Caftans and Queso

Branding Your Event

Take networking events, art shows, craft retreats and more to the next level with branded freebies.  Caftans and Queso, my creative business networking event, had TONS of branded Creative Queso items.

Craftcation tattoos

Think about interactive options too.  One of my favorite annual events Craftcation – produced by podcast guest Nicole Stevenson – has a tattoo booth every year with temporary Craftcation tattoos.  Yup, our friends StickerYou can make your own temporary tattoo parlor dreams come true.

shakers with stickers inside

Brand Your Craft Business With StickerYou

Even if these guys were not sponsors of the podcast, I LOVE my stickers I had made.  They are perfect in size, color, shape, stickiness – all the things.  If you live anywhere near Toronto stop by the StickerYou flagship store! The Store will feature a unique, 3-storey high stickerbombed design on the storefront, installed in collaboration with applied sciences giant 3M, a stickerbombed interior, a custom experience center where customers can touch and feel stickers and be inspired by unique use-cases, kiosks in which to place personalized orders on the spot, as well as a sticker art museum that showcases the history of stickers through the ages. The store will open in three phases: retail (now open); custom experience center (coming soon) and sticker museum (coming soon).

I want to go to a sticker museum!  More importantly I want my Creative Queso stickers on that store front!

Thanks StickerYou for supporting the Creative Queso podcast!