What Doesn’t Maker A.V. Perkins Do – Creative Queso Episode #24

A.V. Perkins of A.V. Does What should think about changing her name to what doesn’t A.V. do? The woman teaches craft workshops, created a hip hop trivia card game, cooks and did I mention she won her episode of Flea Market Flip?  Obviously I liked her right from the start, with a last name like Perkins what’s not to like.  A.V. lives by the motto “life is better when you do it yourself” and I couldn’t agree more.

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A.V. Does What on the Creative Queso Podcast

A.V. Does What

I first started following AV Perkins on her Instagram feed @AVdoeswhat – embroidery, calligraphy, glass etching and wood burning – what is not to love. A woman with crafty ADD is a woman after my own heart.  She started in film as a set designer and has been transitioning over into full time maker, creator and You Tuber ever since.

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Life is Better When You Do It Yourself

A.V. Perkins tag line is “Life is better when you do it yourself” and that she does.  In this episode A.V. goes deep talking about DIY as a broader concept and what it means to her.  We also go granular about DIY ways to improve your DIY videos, vintage shopping in New York city and life a creative influencer.  Plus can you name all the members of Wu-Tang?

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A.V. Perkins on the Creative Queso Podcast

What doesn’t A.V. Perkins do is the better question!  I can’t wait to see how that web series works out, I know I’ll be watching!

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