Ashland Viscosi and the Ins and Outs of Event Planning – Creative Queso Episode #27

Ashland Viscosi knows A LOT about event planning.  Not only does she work on events for the Austin Film Festival and the ATX Television Festival she also puts on her own event – the Creatives Meet Business Experience.  Putting on the perfect event whether that be a pop-up, book signing or your own interactive experience comes with a specific set of nuances.  In this episode of the Creative Queso podcast Ashland goes into the nitty gritty of planning – the before, during and after.

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Ashland Viscosi of Creatives Meet Business

Creatives Meet Business Experience

Ashland Viscosi’s Creatives Meet Business Experience is 3 days full of hand-on workshops and a different spin on the traditional model of professional development.  The event takes place every fall in Austin, in 2019 it will be September 19-21.  There are 50 workshops, one on one mentorship opportunities and epic themed happy hours each night.  P.S. If you use code CREATIVEQUESO when you buy your ticket you get $50 off.

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CMBXP in Austin

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Event Planning

Besides being a TON of work planning the perfect event, or as Ashland calls CMBXP an experience.  No matter how small or large the event you are planning is there are some amazing takeaways in this episode.

  • Realistic expectations of timelines.
  • Finding sponsors and keeping them happy.
  • Out of the box ideas to promote your event.
  • What comes first – the date, venue or speakers.
  • Day of – how to keep things running smoothly.
Ashland Viscosi of Creatives Meet Business

Business and Creativity and Synergistic

As Ashland says: “Business and Creativity are synergistic. Businesses need creativity to have better products and services and engaged collaborators, employees, etc. and creatives need tools and concepts from the business world to create a structure for themselves and to amplify what they do.”

Ashland is so passionate about this message it why she built an entire experience to help augment those ideals.


I could talk to Ashland Viscosi for days about all things business, not just event planning.  If you get a chance to attend her event find me and say hello!

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