Andrea Pippins Illustrator and Author – Creative Queso Episode #20

Today the Creative Queso podcast goes international with teacher, speaker, author and illustrator Andrea Pippins.  Andrea is currently based in Stockholm but is actually from the US.  You might recognize Andrea’s work from one of the many books she has authored, coloring books she has created, the Converse sneakers she has designed for Free People or the work she has illustrated for The New York Times and O Magazine.

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Andrea Pippins on the Creative Queso Podcast talking about life as an illustrator

Illustrator and Author Andrea Pippins

I knew of Andrea back when she was trend spotting on her blog Fly Girl and I was still a member of the Naughty Secretary Club.  She has always had an impeccable eye for color, art and style.  Eventually after a masters degree, jobs at Hallmark and Nickelodeon and teaching on the college level she has found her sweet spot as an illustrator.  So much so that she was the keynote speaker at Icon in 2018.

You can listen to my fabulous conversation with Andrea right here!

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We Inspire Me by Andrea Pippins

We Inspire Me and Beyond

You might recognize Andrea’s work from one of the many books she has authored like  Becoming Me, an interactive journal for young women to color, doodle, and brainstorm their way to a creative life.  Her first release and the book that started it all is the I Love My Hair Coloring Book: a coloring book featuring her illustrations celebrating various hairstyles and texture   A book so many of us soloprenuers need is We Inspire Me: Cultivate Your Creative Crew to Work, Play and Make which is a collection of essays, interviews and advice on cultivating and empowering one’s own creative community.

Other books mentioned in this episode include…

Andrea Pippins illustration for Good Company Magazine

Lessons Learned as a Freelance Illustrator

When Andrea is not illustrating her own books she is illustrating things like this amazing article for Good Company called 20 Lessons Learned About Money as a Freelance Illustrator.  She has also illustrated two books for Jamia Wilson including Step Into Your Power and Young Gifted and Black.  Plus countless other illustration gigs for places like National Museum of African American History and Culture, Lenny Letter, Essence Magazine and even ESPN.  So she knows a thing or two about making money as freelance illustrator.

A few other things mentioned in the podcast episode include…

Andrea Pippins guest on the Creative Queso podcast

I loved chatting with Andrea and could have quizzed her for days about all the things!  Don’t forget to listen to the full conversation in episode #20 of the Creative Queso podcast!

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