Ana Victoria Calderón – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #9

More than just an amazing watercolor artist Ana Victoria Calderón is a hustler with a capital H.   She has a new book Creative Watercolor, hosts The Magic Jungle Retreat in Tulum, is a top teacher for Skillshare and don’t forget all the places that license her art.

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Ana Victoria Calderon on the Creative Queso Podcast

Ana Victoria Calderón

So what does your dream life look like?  Does it involve hand painting your wedding invitations?  Living in Mexico City?  Licensing your art to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Paper Source?  What about teaching painting classes in Morocco and Sicily?
Sounds like a dreamy life to me and it is the exact life that my new friend and creative entrepreneur Ana Victoria Calderón is living.

You are not going to want to miss this episode of the Creative Queso Podcast where Ana and I discuss multiple income streams, taking leaps of faith (and financial loans) to get your work into shows like Surtex and how exactly does one become a TOP teacher for Skillshare.

Creative Watercolor book by Ana Victoria Calderon

Creative Watercolor

Ana’s new book Creative Watercolor – A Step by Step Guide for Beginners is what brought her to my attention.  The colorful and inspiring book really makes even the most watercolor challenged of people feel like they too can paint all of the gorgeous imagery inside.

Everything you need to know from the differences between watercolor paint, how to use glitter and hand lettering is covered.  As Ana talks about in the podcast episode so many people end up with pieces of art they are never sure what to do with and this book is full of practical applications.

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Magic Jungle Retreats with Ana Victoria Calderon

The Magic Jungle

After looking through Creative Watercolor and chatting with Ana Victoria now I’m obsessed with hanging out with her in person at her Magic Jungle Retreat in Tulum Mexico.

Of course there is art involved, but as Ana describes in the podcast it is so much more than that.  Topics like art licensing, production, color psychology and brand strategy are covered all the while soaking up the magic.

Skillshare classes by Ana Victoria Calderon

Skillshare Classes

When Ana is not in the jungles of Tulum or teaching watercolor retreats in Morocco and Sicily she is a top teacher for Skillshare and offers several online classes including…

and more PLUS a great Skillshare Talks | The Power of Collaboration Over Competition with Ana Victoria Calderón.

Creative Queso Podcast guest watercolor artist Ana Victoria Calderon

More places to find Ana Victoria Calderón…

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