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Amy Cluck McAllister calls herself a digital marketing creative.  After years in the DIY community she comes at digital marketing with a creative and inspired edge.  She helps brands put together a tailored digital strategy.  Years as a web designer all the while side hustling as a maker makes Amy the perfect combination of talents for helping a creative company unsure of their path.  I can’t wait to taco all about it this Tuesday!

Amy Cluck-McAllister of Craft Your Brand

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1) What is the best advice you could give someone about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running business?

I believe self-work is a really important step in running any business. There are so many life lessons that are necessary for success – from setting boundaries to ditching the self-sabotaging behaviors to self-care and asking for what you need. If you are struggling with any aspect of your business then I urge you to take a deeper look within and work on healing the parts of you that are holding you back from success.

2) Do you have a favorite place to go for business advice? Mentor group, book, website?

The Creative Queso podcast, of course! For content ideas, I love Alexa over at Swell Creative. (P.S. Listen to Alexa’s episode of the Creative Queso Podcast).

Do What you Love - Craft Your Brand Marketing

3) Besides Creative Queso what are your favorite podcasts?

Cathy Heller’s podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” is a favorite because she digs deep into those self-work topics that I mentioned previously.

4) How do you prevent creative burn out?

I don’t, I just try to work around it. When I am feeling creative, I do brain-storming sessions to build up an arsenal of ideas to pull from. I concentrate on getting my busy work done and just wait it out.

5) What is something your business could not live without?

I’m just getting started in my business, but social media scheduling apps have been a real lifesaver so far. Planning and scheduling content in chunks is more time efficient and means I’m not scrambling for content to post at the last minute.

Amy Cluck-McAllister

6) What are some of your favorite Instagram feeds?

A couple of my favorite DIY feeds are

They both have such a fun colorful style.

For their creative photography and bright colors I love…

7) Tell us a piece of surprising trivia about yourself or your business.

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies that I draw from when creating content. I rely heavily on my graphic design and crafting experience but I also have technical knowledge. I enjoy having a career that offers variety!

8) Do you use a paper planner full of stickers and washi tape or are you a Google calendar kinda guy or gal?

I’m old school, I prefer paper planners. I like having a physical calendar that I can always keep in my line of sight. Otherwise I’ve got like one appointment entered into my phone and 20 sticky notes of things I never get around to entering.  😂

Look Within and Work on Healing - Amy Cluck-McAlister

9) When you are working do you listen/watch podcasts, music, audio books, Netflix or do you like dead silence like a total weirdo?

I’m a total weirdo! If I’m crafting then yes, all of the above, but I don’t really do that for business purposes anymore. When I’m creating content, I don’t like a lot of distractions. I tend to tune out sound when I’m in the zone anyway.

10) If I came to see you where would we go for queso?

Queso isn’t really a thing in Sacramento, as far as I know. I’ve only had the kind that comes in a jar. I’m sure we could go on an adventure to find some and if all else fails I’m up for trying a new recipe.

Amy Cluck-McAllister consultant

Got a creative brand that could use a little help in the digital strategy department?  Amy Cluck-McAlister is your girl.

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