Alisa Burke Talks Life as a Full Time Artist and Online Classes – Creative Queso Episode #23

I first met artist Alisa Burke when she was a guest on my television program Craft Lab.  I knew from the minute she started making marks that she was had her own unique style.  Out of filming 120 episodes Alisa is one of the guests that always stood out to me.  I have followed her prolific work for years via all her social channels and watched her career as a full time artist flourish.  I was thrilled to reconnect with Alisa and talk all about the real business of being creative.

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Alisa Burke as a guest on the Creative Queso podcast

Life as a Full Time Artist

In my experience creatives who are just as good at marketing and social media as they are at their craft are the ones that are able to make a living at it.  Alisa and I openly discuss things like how Pinterest effects business, the bread and butter beauty of online classes and why giving away free content is so important.  We also touch on her current position about working with large brands as well as the many moving parts that make up the whole of her creative career which supports her entire family.

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Handpainting flowers on cardboard by Alisa Burke

Paying the Bills With Online Classes

Alisa has multiple streams of income for her business including digital downloads, consulting, pottery and hosting retreats.  However, her main income stream are online classes.  In this episode we go deep about all 90 classes Alisa has to offer.  We discuss teaching platforms, cameras, pricing, editing and more.  Alisa offers classes about everything from art journaling to running your own creative business.  Another important thing to Alisa is making sure all of her classes are affordable – some are under $15.

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Artist Alisa Burke working in her studio

Giving Away the Content for Free

As if her classes were not already affordable Alisa gives away so much content for free.  All of her social media channels jump from the screen with inspiration.  PLUS she has a You Tube channel FULL of how to videos AND thoughts on life as an artist and running a creative business.  Alisa also blogs 3 times a week showcasing her distinct murals, mandala covered rocks, stacks of gorgeous art journals and more.

The cycle of creativity quote.

Raised in Craftivity

Alisa often talks on her blog and social channels about how being a full time artist fuels her creativity.  When the bills need to get paid you can’t claim “creative block”.  Raised by full time artists herself Alisa was destined to follow in their footsteps.  Alisa and her husband Andy homeschool their creative little girl.  We cover parenting, how art school can be soul crushing and the importance of learning to embrace it when your art and style are different than everyone else in the classroom.


Artist Alisa Burke talks with host Jennifer Perkins on the Creative Queso Podcast

Alisa Burke is one of those generous and kind people where you can just feel the creativity and good vibes – even via a podcast conversation.  Please be sure to listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss a thing.

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