Alexa Westerfield – Creative Queso Podcast Episode #10

Alexa Westerfield sure is a swell gal.  Like you might know her better as the one woman dancing machine in a unicorn mask known as the Swell Designer and the boss lady at Swell Creative Media.  Alexa is an expert at content creation and knows that the never ending treadmill of creating content is a hard to wheel to get off of.  Recently I had the chance to talk with Alexa all about clever ways to repackage the content you already have, how crafters can work smarter not harder AND how to drill down and find your benchmark content.

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Alexa Westerfield from Swell Creative Media
You may have already pinned, saved or tried a few of Alex’s viral content creations and not even known it.  Ya know that white pumpkin with melted crayons on it?  The Snooki pumpkin that was everywhere at the height of Jersey Shore popularity?  Yup, those were all Alexa.  So not only does she know how to wield a glue gun she also knows how to get what she glued in front of the most eyes possible.

Alexa Westerfield is really is a content whisperer and this content creator may never look at a single craft project the same way again.  She has an amazing FREE PDF on her website called 1 Piece of Content 25 Ways.  Find me a content designer that could not use something like this information in their life.
Alexa one piece of content 25 ways
Do you know what your benchmark content is?  Do you know what to do with it when you find it?  These are all topics Alexa and I deep dive into during this episode.  Alexa also offers an online Content Strategy Course and Mastermind Group.
Creative Queso podcast episode with the Swell Designer

This episode is so full of great info you are going to walk away inspired and ready to spin all that great content you already have in new and different ways.

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